“They understand the client”

Home Health Companions was honored to hear how Richard Eiseman valued the caregivers and caregiving services delivered to his mom, Louise. He wanted others to know they can count the on the stellar service provided by Home Health Companions, too. He shares his thoughts in this video. Take a listen.


Richard Eiseman
Eiseman Jewels

“Mom is on her way to being 90 this year — very independent minded. Her mind is incredible and her body’s not as willing as her mind. And she’s had some setbacks in the last year or two due to some health issues. And at that point we realized that she needed some care, and we reached out to Home Health Companions and found the right fit for her.

My appreciation for Home Health Companions’ services are the service, the availability, the consistency, the level of personnel, the access to Lisa and her team, the immediate responses, the reliability, . . . all the things that you’d want in any business. And Lisa and her team has done that.

You know, elderly folks are, are very, uh, sometimes opinionated, know what they want and don’t have the filters they used to have and, and you get a lot of feedback and the feedback’s been very positive.

One of the things that I’ve noticed is that the nurses, all of them come beautifully groomed in really fine cars. They understand the client, they understand the level of care they’re giving. They understand the level of the individual they’re working with.

I will say that I’ve found them to be compassionate and understanding. When you bring someone new into your home, most of the folks of my mom’s age really don’t want anyone there. But you know, fortunately Mom has been receptive. But she’s still opinionated and still has what she likes and doesn’t like. And Lisa accommodates it.

One of the most important things that I came to recognize with the companionship services that was the dealmaker for Mom was that the nurses — the companions — drive. And it’s given her freedom. So if you’re looking to create some independence for the individual that needs caregiving, driving is a big deal. Having someone there at your schedule is wonderful and it’s gives her freedom and also takes a burden probably off the family having to drive someone all the time.

It’s a luxury, you know, we’re not all in this situation, but we feel very fortunate to be able to do these things for mom and very fortunate that Lisa and her team can provide that. It’s pretty special to have the driving capacity there.

They’re personable people. They’re lovely. They’re thoughtful. They’re sweet, and I feel comfortable leaving them with mom and I travel quite a bit. And, um, I get good feedback and phone calls. Most recently here in Dallas, we had the big storm. The air conditioning and heating and electricity was out in the houses. And, mom’s current four-day-a-week nurse communicated with me back and forth about what was going on.

It’s just not what you really expect. You don’t expect that. You expect sitters, and we got professionals.”