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Team Demonstrates How an Inc. 5000 Company Works in Times of COVID-19

Home Health Companions has been recognized multiple years as one of Inc. 5000’s “most inspiring companies,” and in the days of COVID-19, anything inspiring can do us well. The company has lifted its employees up and served its clients in innovative ways in times of pandemic, and now, the team has been recognized again in 2021 as one of #Inc5000Regionals.

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The story behind this home health care provider in Dallas, Texas is an inspiring one, and the company’s response to the pandemic the last 12 months has been as impactful as it has been moving.

The whole world is living through trying times. Though, for Home Health Companions’ primary clients (elders who live at home, often without caregivers living with them), the COVID-19 era has been even more challenging. This generation has faced challenges before, but no one alive today has seen life shut down to the extent it has during the pandemic.

Home Health Companions has stood out thanks to its home care services, its focus on companionship and combatting isolation, and its unique initiatives to offset specific challenges the pandemic has brought to their clients and the company’s employees.


An Inspired Initiative

Home Health Companions was founded in 2011 as a licensed home care provider that also focuses on providing the companionship and advocacy its clients need.

Over its first several years in business, the company added more services and staff based on client needs. Come 2020, a pandemic was the last thing anyone expected. Home Health Companion’s response is what has set the company apart, and ultimately what led to the Inc. 5000 recognition.


Home Health Companion’s Response to COVID-19

Home Health Companions had to make immediate operational and structural adjustments at the start of the pandemic to continue serving their at-risk client base. These changes included rigorous infection and screening protocols as well as compliance with the ever-evolving CDC and HHS guidelines.

Meeting these new standards, however, was all reactionary. It was not the kind of proactive, forward-facing change that leaders at the company believed were necessary in order to get ahead of the problem before the disease impacted clients and staff in more terrible ways.

The company quickly rolled out a new initiative called Home Health Companions University. With over 51 hours of available training, company employees received paid education to provide greater and safer service. The continuing education hours gave staff the opportunity to keep working safely while also moving forward in their careers.

There’s a greater need now than ever for home health care. And in light of the “new normal” we’ve all come to know, this need has reached a point of absolute urgency in Dallas and throughout the country. Home Health Companions stands out as a company who not only reacts to the needs of the community, but who also sets new standards of innovation, service and education.

The Inc. 5000 recognition has rightly showcased Home Health Companions as an inspirational business, and the team is committed to see that tradition continue.

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