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National Safety Month Tips for Home Health Caregivers & Nurses

The role of home health caregivers and nurses are essential as you provide supportive and dedicated care to clients in the comfort of their home. This allows the client to maintain some sense of independence while receiving the necessary care and oversight. While our caregivers and nurses are wonderful companions to patients, caring for clients in their home can pose a number of threats to home health nurses. For National Safety Month, we have compiled a quick list of safety tips for home health workers.

Always Be Aware of Your Surroundings

When caring for patients in their homes can pose different risks than caring for those patients within a facility. You may work in a variety of locations and it’s important to know your surroundings including the patient’s community, immediate neighborhood and other residents in the home. Always have accurate directions and know the entrances and exits of the neighborhood. Be alert and watch for signals of any potential violence.

Assess the Worksite for Potential Hazards

If it’s your first time at a patient’s home, take a moment to assess any potential hazards in various areas of the home like kitchen, bathroom, stairway, etc. Be sure walkways are clear, the kitchen is free from any lose utensils, exposed electrical, and more. Ensure the home is well lit and free from clutter. This will be for the benefit of yourself as well as your patients.

Invest in the Right Tools

Patients will have varying needs and having the right tools to support their needs is critical. Proper tools will help prevent you from potentially overexerting yourself. Home health workers most commonly experience back injuries when attempting to lift and transport patients. Practicing proper body mechanics, lifts, and adjustable beds are all great tools and technics to avoid injuries.

Prepare Emergency Resources

A violent situation can occur at any moment. It’s critical to have a plan in mind just in case you encounter any kind of violence. Having an emergency plan and resources will help you quickly react to any situation that might arise. Keep resources and phone numbers handy to call if problems arise. Be sure 911 is on speed dial in the event of an emergency.

Keep COVID Prevention Practices in Mind

Yes, even if though Covid-19 seems to have tapered a bit, it’s still important to follow the appropriate protocols. It’s crucial to protect yourself as well as your patient. Continuing to use gloves, masks, and reducing exposure will ensure you remain healthy and keep your patients healthy.

Safety is Our Priority at Home Health Companions

Staying safe as a home health worker is extremely important and during National Safety Month we wanted to make you aware of some common safety practices. If you would like to work for a company that puts your safety first, check out our latest home health jobs. Learn how helping others is not only exciting, but fulfilling too, and it can bring amazing benefits!