Meeting Home Health Needs During the COVID-19 Crisis

We’re so very proud of our team members and their continued dedication to safely caring for our clients. During unprecedented times, our staff continues to observe stringent hygiene and health protocols while providing caregiving and nursing services. They are a vital human connection for our clients, especially right now.

New: Virtual Services
Families who face a need for in-home health services for a loved one during the COVID-19 crisis also struggle with protecting their health. That is why we are now offering virtual assessments to determine which services are needed and assist families in selecting the most appropriate choices. We are also able to provide virtual nurse visits.

In some cases, families are delaying engagement of home health services during the crisis and choosing to provide care themselves in the interim, while they themselves are at home. Other families are moving loved ones out of facilities temporarily to avoid the virus. We understand!

If you or someone you know is providing caregiving for a family member until the COVID-19 crisis subsides, ensure you have a care plan in place.

Create a Care Plan
A care plan is a list of all the tasks the caregiver does for and with your loved one. If you’re a Home Health Companions client, you have a care plan in place. If you are not a current client or if your loved one’s health has changed significantly, our Aging Life Care certified professionals can create one for you. Contact us at 214-295-8213. Our phone is answered 24 hours a day.

Additional Resources
If you are now in the position of providing care yourself, this new guide can be a useful resource: “Helpful Family Resources for Dealing with COVID-19.”