How One HHC Caregiver Helped Improve a Client’s Quality of Life 

It’s no secret that finding a caregiver for your loved one can be an overwhelming process. You want to know they’re getting the quality care they need, but you also want to make sure they’re happy and comfortable in their own space. 

But what if you don’t have family or friends to navigate this process for you?  

The Need for Home Health Companionship & Caregivers 

A Home Health Companions client was previously diagnosed with Alzheimer-Dementia. In addition, the client began to experience severe symptoms like UTIs, pneumonia, edema, severe pain, weight loss, and depression. They spent most of their time in and out of the exhausting cycle: emergency rooms, hospital admissions, rehab, and back home.  

The doctors believed many of these trips could have been avoided if the client had proper medication compliance. Since they live alone with no family or supervision nearby, there was no one to help them keep track of their 30 different medications — a serious concern, especially with their memory challenges.  

The Limitations of Medicare Home Health 

Although Medicare Home Health services provided this client baseline care, they were not receiving the care that was fully needed. Medicare programs can provide impactful solutions, but these programs often fall short with limitations like time constraints as well as the types of services a patient can receive like medication management. After an in-home assessment by one of our nurses, we discovered this client needed round-the-clock care, medication management, and medication delegation, all of which as a licensed home health provider we offer.   

How One HHC Caregiver Changed A Client’s Life 

It was a difficult path to get there, as a result of a Home Health Companions’ in-home assessment, this client like thousands of others found a caregiver who could provide the hands-on care needed at home. Eight-hour daily supervision from one of our Certified Nurse Assistants transformed this client’s quality of life, by helping them perform daily activities, delivering health care at home and providing medication management.  

This story is an unfortunate reality for many individuals. We serve clients like the above every day at Home Health Companions who deserve personalized, hands-on care.  

We’re here to help you find the same kind of peace of mind for you or your loved ones with free in-home assessments and consultations. We’ll work together to find the right fit for your unique situation. 

Sign up for a free in-home assessment to discuss your custom care options. It’s time to find the quality of care you deserve.