Happy CNA Week! Why it’s a Great Time to Be a Home Health CNA

June 16th is National CNA Day, and there’s a reason we’re celebrating all week long.

This CNA Week, we’re honoring the incredible impact our home-health nursing assistants have had on our clients – not just this year, but over the past two years.

2022 CNA Day Theme: “I’m Still Standing.”

CNAs made it through these “unprecedented times” like it’s nobody’s business. They kept family members’ parents, grandparents, and loved ones company during a time of social distancing and loneliness. Day after day, they not only cared for the health of our clients, but they lifted their spirits!

And in the words of Elton John, they’re still standing.

Fast forward to today, and you’ll find that because of these efforts, there’s never been a greater time to be a home health CNA.

In honor of CNA Day, we’ll list just a few reasons nursing assistants are choosing home health career paths:

Why CNAs are Choosing a Career in Home Health

It’s easy to develop more personal relationships.

It’s easier to create a more natural, personal relationship with a client when you’re caring for them in the comfort of their home. This can help you leave a greater impact and find meaning in every day.

There’s a high demand for CNAs.

Right now, there’s a strong need for home health CNAs, creating promising job security. By choosing this path, you’ll make a difference in your career and in the life of others.

Which means excellent pay!

High demand = high rewards! We help CNAs further their home health careers while enjoying competitive pay, benefits, and continuing education opportunities, like our recently established Home Health Companions University.

At Home Health Companions, we’re celebrating CNA Week by offering exceptional pay, benefits, and flexibility to potential CNAs in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. We’re ready to work with you to find the perfect schedule to reach your career goals.

To be honest, we think it should be CNA Day every day at Home Health Companions. Learn more about how you can join our all-star team today!