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A senior woman does the dishes in her kitchen, a small way to maintain independence in dementia patients.

Creating a Supportive Environment to Boost Independence in Dementia Patients

Routine small victories for somebody with dementia—like fixing what they want for dinner or tying their own shoes—can feel monumental. These experiences boost their confidence while strengthening their sense of identity amid the challenges they are facing. One essential facet of looking after an older loved one with dementia is to nurture these opportunities, preserving the dignity and joy of independent living. Below are a few tried-and-true strategies to help.

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A woman uses tips for supporting senior independence while having a loving interaction with her senior mother.

Tips for Supporting Senior Independence With Thoughtful Care

What if your mom, who’s always had a green thumb, decides she wants to redesign the family garden? Though she might move a little slower than she used to, her enthusiasm for gardening hasn’t waned. This can be a great opportunity for you to step in—not to take charge, but to support her vision, perhaps by providing tools that make gardening easier for her to manage. Supporting senior independence and helping your parents pursue their interests is so important. Here’s how you can work together with your parents to help them continue to live life on their terms:

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