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A radio, flashlight, and batteries sit on a table. These are important things to have during summer power outages.

Summer Power Outages: A Safety Guide for Older Adults

Summertime is a prime time for power outages. For most of us, it’s a minor inconvenience; however for older loved ones, it may cause an actual safety concern. The simplest way to manage unplanned summer power outages is through advance preparing to guarantee older loved ones are equipped and prepared to ride out the storm, giving you the peace of mind you need.

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A caregiver discusses personalized care plans with a senior couple considering in-home care services.

Why Personalized Care Plans are Essential for Home Health Care

You’ve just started checking out home health care choices for an older loved one, and you’re becoming a bit overwhelmed. There are a lot of options to consider, and so many new and unfamiliar terms to learn. Take, for instance, personalized care plans. It may look like just another bit of jargon in a sea of confusing terms, but it’s actually perhaps one of the most important aspects of home care services. Here is why:

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Creative Ways to Support a Loved One With Dementia

Supporting a loved one with dementia is unlike all other responsibilities you’ll undertake. It requires you to dig deep down into your reserves of patience, flexibility, and perhaps most importantly, creativity. You should be prepared to pivot at a moment’s notice from one strategy to another to foster a fulfilling and enriching life for the person you love, all while managing the more challenging facets of the illness.

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A mother facing cancer and daughter smile together as they learn how to communicate about the mother’s disease.

Communicating With Empathy: How to Talk to a Loved One Facing Cancer

Striking up a conversation with a family member with cancer can leave you feeling awkward and unsure of what to say. Should you bring up their diagnosis right away, or avoid the C word altogether? Is it ok to try to make the person laugh? What if they start crying? Conversations become loaded with unspoken emotions, and finding the right words isn’t easy.

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A family meets to discuss how to better communicate about family caregiving.

Building Stronger Family Bonds Through Better Communication

Looking after a loved one in the home can strain family dynamics. Siblings may argue about care decisions, adult children may feel stressed, and aging parents may resist help. Effective communication is important to bridge the gap between differing opinions, ease the burden of caregiving responsibilities, and make certain everyone feels heard and valued.

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Image of a brain with a missing puzzle piece that illustrates the need for more advanced Alzheimer’s research.

Unveiling Hope: Breakthroughs in Alzheimer’s Research and Treatment

One positive thing about Alzheimer’s disease is it has seized the attention of researchers far and wide who are motivated to locate a cure. When a person you love is diagnosed with the disease, however, the urgency to find help is all the greater. If this is you, be encouraged! Though Aduhelm, the controversial treatment approved by the FDA in 2021, stirred debate and raised questions relating to its safety and effectiveness, experts have already been diligently working on alternative solutions that offer renewed hope.

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An older woman and her adult daughter hug each other and smile as they connect better through effective dementia communication skills.

Dementia Communication: 5 Things You Should Never Say

Have you ever said the wrong thing? Perhaps your objective was to compliment a friend on her new haircut, but you came across sounding like you were criticizing her previous hairstyle. Choosing our words carefully is always important, but even more so when speaking with someone with dementia. The words we say and the way we say them can significantly impact the person’s emotional well-being and quality of life, making effective dementia communication crucial.

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An older man who used to be afraid of falling now smiles confidently as he leans on his cane.

Afraid of Falling? Gain Confidence With These Tips!

As we grow older, it’s natural to become more apprehensive about the risk of falling. For many people, however, being afraid of falling can be paralyzing, leading to a decrease in physical activity, social engagement, and overall quality of life. It’s important to address this fear head-on and empower older adults to live confidently and fearlessly. Here are some valuable strategies to help those you love overcome the fear of falling:

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A woman who is one of many family caregivers stands behind her older mother.

We Hear You! Here’s What Family Caregivers Say They Need Most.

If you have ever felt invisible as a family caregiver, you’re not alone. Caring for someone you love takes center stage, and you may discover that your own needs are put on the back burner. A recent listening session, however, allowed family caregivers to speak openly and honestly about what they need—and the feedback may surprise you. Here are a few of the key insights and findings derived from these sessions.

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November is National Alzheimer’s Awareness Month

We can’t always see it coming.  Sometimes signs present themselves, but even then, denial from the dementia victim and family is more common than not.  We are referring to Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. These words are still scary because so much is not known about the causes of Alzheimer’s. You are not alone, and that so much IS known about this disease. Senior care doctors and researchers are working vigorously to find a cure and improve in home care.

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