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Putting a Face to Alzheimer’s Disease

Maria Shriver was back at the news desk this week shedding a light on Alzheimer’s Disease and it’s lack  of activism. Compared to America’s other grave diseases, Alzheimer’s receives half the funding Cancer, Heart Disease, and HIV/AIDS receives from The National Institute of Health. For example, The National Institute of Health spends $6 billion on cancer research, $4 billion on heart and cardiovascular disease research, 3$ billion on HIV/AIDS research and only $480 Million on Alzheimer’s research. Celebrities such as Maria Shriver, Seth Rogan, and Lauren Miller are rallying the troops with lavish events such as Hilarity for Charity. By “making [Alzheimer’s] a part of the conversation,” Rogan believes they can raise awareness for the disease within a younger demographic. Alzheimer’s Disease still has a long way to go. There are plenty of opportunities for advances, awareness fundraising, and marketing in order to instill the seriousness of Alzheimer’s Disease.

Shriver and her NBC colleagues have reported on many facets of the disease through a segment called, “The Age of Alzheimer’s” where you can find more information about the disease, research, and how it’s affecting everyone.