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Paying It Forward

In our daily lives, we invest in good surroundings, good cars, good food, good clothes, and so on.  Good health is more difficult, especially for a person with a chronic health issue.  Sometimes the reason is financial; sometimes it’s just poor choices.   There are temptations galore for enticing, rich foods, and a thousand fun ways to spend time sitting in front of the television or a computer instead of actively living.  Making good food choices is the first step – portion sizes as well as quality.  Choose movement over sloth as often as possible.  Good home care for healthy living is an important step.  Choosing good home care enables a person with ongoing health problems to stay healthy and independent for the longest possible time.   It’s not a good idea to wait until a person weakens to get assistance.  A small investment now stretches active living farther into the future.  It’s all about choices:  investing now in order to obtain better and longer health returns.   It’s called ‘paying it forward’.