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Our Clients Say

Our gifted caregivers and nurses provide outstanding care. Many are recognized as “The Best of the Best”. Clients and families often share how our extraordinary caregivers care for them.

“Your caregiver recognizes that caregiving is as much about caring for the family as the person receiving the care. She truly has a servant’s heart for her job, and it shows in how she carries herself with her confident nature. We are thankful to have a team of caregivers that work so well together. It makes our lives more peaceful and relaxed.”

“Your caregiver is very kind and light-hearted with my mother. She is a great caregiver and adds an element of fun to the relationship. It works well for my mom. She is wonderful, and my mom enjoys her very, very much.”

“Your caregiver’s wonderful warm smile and loving touch with Mother, and kindness to all of us was so reassuring and comforting. Your caregiver always told me how Mother was doing, kept me up to date on when she would call my name, or other names. My daytime visits allowed me to observe your caregiver’s concern for Mother. How much more at ease I felt when leaving her in his care.”

“Your caregiver has been a great help taking care of Mother. As Mother approaches 98 years old, her physical and mental changes have been challenging to the caregivers and family. She has been there every step of the way. In addition to daily efforts to satisfy Mother’s wants and needs, she was there to help with trips to the dentist, and overnight at the hospital to be sure Mother received the care she needed. Mother’s dementia and strong personality are well known at Home Health Companions, and your caregiver is really good at keeping her satisfied.”

“My mother has always wanted to be able to live in her own home until she passes on, and your caregiver is wonderful. She has helped Mother tremendously to live well at home. Your caregiver’s compassion, kindness and close attention to Mother’s needs reflect her personal integrity and principles. Mother will be 98 years old in August, and your caregiver’s loving ways help Mother adjust to aging and all the physical and mental changes that go with it.”

“My wife and I are extremely happy with the loving, caring, and competency of your caregiver. We trust her completely with our 92+ year-old mother. She has become part of the family! The peace of mind and support we’ve been given because of your caregiver during a stressful period has been invaluable.”

“Here are a few words that come to mind about your caregiver: responsible, caring, thoughtful, trustworthy, reliable, conscientious, cheerful, pleasant to be around, remembering special occasions and considerate of Mom and Dad’s needs. She has been with my parents for about 18 months and we feel like your caregiver is part of the family. We would be lost without her.”