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Caregivers Professionals Recognition Week

The Texas House of Representatives passed House Concurrent Resolution No. 4 during this the 83rd Legislature, Second Called Session 2013 to designate the week of September 8, 2013 as Caregiver Professionals Recognition Week. Direct support caregivers help individuals with physical and mental disabilities to live meaningful, productive lives in their respective communities, and to reduce  costly institutional services.  They build close relationships with people they assist, who rely on them for assistance with tasks such as eating, bathing, dressing, taking medications, overcoming mobility issues, and attending religious and other recreational activities.  Research clearly demonstrates community and peer recognition activities positively affects the recruitment and retention of members of this workforce. HCR No. 4 says in part:

“…the State of Texas joins with communities across the nation in extending profound thanks to those who accept this demanding yet rewarding role, for their contributions are indispensable to countless of their fellow citizens…”

 Caregiver professionals enhance the lives of tens of thousands of Texans. Join us in honoring our wonderful caregivers who enhance the lives of our clients each and every day.