Aging Life Care Services

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Our Aging Life CareTM certified professional, also known as a geriatric care manager, guides your family through all care options. We help you select the appropriate choices for the best care possible, removing worry and stress. Monitoring health and observing mental and behavioral changes will provide a safe environment that enables you or your loved one to age in place. Your Aging Life Care professional coordinates and plans services across several care categories. Specifically, our geriatric care manager:

  • Determines which home care services are required for each client and assists families in incorporating and monitoring those services
  • Attends doctor appointments and facilitates health communication between the doctor, client and family
  • Ensures clients follow medical instruction and recommendations
  • Alerts family members and medical providers of changing health needs
  • Enriches the quality of life by facilitating social, recreational, or cultural activities
  • Evaluates and select the appropriate level of housing or residential option as the need arises

Care management may also include referrals for other health and social care services. Our Aging Life Care professional can:

  • Refer or consult with an elder law attorney to provide an expert opinion for courts in determining the level of care
  • Supervise bill payments on the client’s behalf when needed, consulting with an accountant or client’s Power of Attorney
  • Connect families to Federal and state entitlement programs
  • Observe mental and behavioral changes, identify potential risks of exploitation or abuse, and monitor safety and security in the home


An enormous and crucial part of Aging Life Care Services is achieving greater communication between everyone touching the client’s life. The client will be happier, safer and more comfortable with channels flowing between family members, doctors, and organizations positioned to provide support.


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